This area shows that I can do more than branding and editorial work, it shows off other processes that I can and have used, other projects that I have worked on and enjoyed. 


NHS - covid-19 response 

With all that was going on with the coronavirus, I wanted to see if I could help to spread a message. 

I wanted to create a small motion piece to show that people need to support the NHS and do their bit for the country by staying at home. The idea came from me trying to move the letters around at the start, before realising that
I could just rotate the logo.  



Anchor House Brewery 

I designed a can and keg clip for a new beer that they are releasing as part of a series. They wanted it to stand out from other beers that are on the shelf, and just be ‘a little bit different’ to what is currently available. 

I wanted to show that the brewery was based in Plymouth, by using the waves and the contour map of the local and iconic area.    


Using Format