The Packhorse 

This is the redesign of a menu for a community owned country pub that has recently been refurbished. I was asked to make the menu choices clear and legible. 


Companionship Magazine 

Companionship is a magazine that I started in my second year for a university brief. I wanted to explore the relationship between people and their dogs and put this into a publication that will always be kept somewhere. 

The magazine has a natural feel, from printing on recycled paper to using environmentally friendly inks. The majority of the project was shot on film, a digital camera was used for the advertising elements. 



These are the menus for a bagel shop in Stratford on Avon. The menus above went above the till, I also made menus for the tables and a menu for the window of the shop. 


Penguin Books 

These book covers were a redesign for a competition brief, I chose rustic illustrations as this reflected the cooking and the book in the best way. 

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