Little Drop 

I entered a competition brief to create a new brand for the drinks industry, it was to create a product for an adult drinking occasion with an added health benefit. 

The idea was to create low abv beers, with added botanicals. The lower abv means there are less calories in the drinks and the botanicals were chosen to help with sleep, cognitive performance and concentration. 

In this project, the drop came from the main ingredient in beer and that's water, and the flow effect on the slogan came from when you pour a beer into a glass it isn't just straight and flat.  



Lorna Crockett - Photographer

This is the branding and editorial packet for photographer Lorna Crockett, I was asked to brighten up the branding and make it bolder. I added the wave effect as she is based in Plymouth and it is a city by the sea.  

I additionally helped with the layout of her portfolio, to add some colour and a slightly more playful layout as this reflects her photographic style. 



Courtney Rachel 

This is the visual identity for a fashion designer.  She wanted the design to be soft, minimal and have a linking element. Her designs are contemporary, but hold a classical heritage and this is why this typeface was chosen.  



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